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About Company

Pacific Asiawide Corporation is one of the world’s largest face-to-face advertising & marketing companies; specialising predominantly in creating brand awareness and providing cost-effective solutions for a portfolio of clients from a different range of industries. Started in 1999, we have expanded massively due to the demands from our clients to increase their customer base and market share across the nation.

We owe our expansion to three philosophies which helped built a strong foundation for our company.

i.          We provide a fast paced and performance driven environment where we celebrate achievement with positive and supportive team members.

ii.         Our company prides itself in the extensive support system available to every individual within the organisation to develop talent and facilitate personal growth. We are constantly looking to develop highly motivated individuals in management. The true strength of our organization comes from within our people. We value people who are ambitious, possess an exemplary learning attitude and present great potential in character. We invest in our people because they are our greatest assets. It is an investment which will withstand the test of time in an ever changing business environment.     

iii.        WE ARE ALL ABOUT OPPORTUNITIES! For those who want to advance in a business environment, Pacific Asiawide Corporation offers you the platform to do so. We offer you unlimited earning potential with an excellent payment structure, international travel opportunities with our top performers which will assist in developing excellent skills.

Our clients are the key to our success. Developing professional face-to-face advertising campaigns for them is what keeps them coming back. Our approach to their success goes unrivalled in our industry and creates huge opportunities across the board. Bringing the client’s branding to consumers in an interactive way creates better results and greater revenues. Tapping into the human commercial channel, we have created a form of advertising that has allowed our clients to have greater brand presence in the market and a strong consumer loyalty relationship. Understanding the relationship between client and consumer is important as it expands our clients’ base and bringing the product directly to the designated market target. 

We put human interaction back into the equation with the aim to give each consumer an experience that will seal the deal in their decision to sign up for our clients’ products and services. That makes us one of the most challenging and exciting marketing environments you’ll find as we are constantly expanding our business to greater heights!

With academic achievement increasingly taking the back seat in the priority stakes within the industry, we are more concerned with the skills and personal qualities that you can offer that will help to develop our business and bring it to the next level.

However, there are a common set of skills that we look for; 

  • A willingness to learn
  • Personal ambition 
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Ability to work independently and within a team