Graphic Designer

  • Art / Design / Multimedia
  • Ipoh
  • 07/07/2023
  • RM1,800 - RM2,500 /monthly
  • Full Time
  1. Creating visual designs: Developing visually appealing and creative designs for various digital and print mediums, such as advertisements, brochures, logos, website graphics, social media posts, and more.
  2. Conceptualizing and brainstorming: Collaborating with clients or the creative team to understand project requirements and brainstorm innovative design ideas that effectively communicate the desired message or brand identity.
  3. Understanding brand guidelines: Ensuring that design work aligns with the established brand guidelines, maintaining consistency in visual elements, typography, color schemes, and overall brand identity.
  4. Graphic production: Producing high-quality, print-ready or web-ready graphics, ensuring proper formatting, resolution, and color accuracy, while optimizing file sizes for efficient distribution and usage.
  5. Image editing and retouching: Manipulating and enhancing images, including resizing, cropping, color correction, and retouching, to achieve desired visual effects and maintain a consistent aesthetic.
  6. Layout design: Creating visually appealing layouts for websites, print materials, or digital interfaces, considering factors such as hierarchy, typography, spacing, and user experience to ensure a pleasing and intuitive design.
  7. Collaboration and communication: Working closely with clients, creative directors, marketing teams, and other stakeholders to understand project objectives, provide design recommendations, and incorporate feedback throughout the design process.
  8. Staying updated with industry trends: Keeping up-to-date with design trends, emerging technologies, and software updates to continually improve design skills and deliver innovative and current design solutions.
  9. File management and organization: Maintaining an organized digital file system, archiving completed projects, and keeping design assets easily accessible for future reference or modification.
  10. Time management and meeting deadlines: Managing multiple design projects simultaneously, prioritizing tasks, and ensuring timely completion of deliverables, while maintaining high-quality standards.