Inventory Data Entry

  • Retail Sales
  • Putrajaya
  • 04/09/2023
  • RM1,500 - RM2,000 /monthly
  • Full Time

An Inventory Clerk

  • Manages and maintains all inventory, parts or products housed in a warehouse or store.
  • Track materials that come into the store and materials left behind by using records within an organized system like a storeroom or warehouse.



Inventory Clerk needs

  • Excellent math skills to ensure they count and tally products with accuracy.
  • Analytical skills since they will work with central systems to record their inventory throughout their shift.



Responsibilities :-

  • Maintaining and updating records
  • Counting materials, equipment, merchandise or supplies in stock
  • Reporting discrepancies between physical counts and computer records
  • Distributing or stocking merchandise
  • Receive and inventory stock
  • Other various tasks as assigned


Requirements and skills :-

  • Experience 1 year or more in Retail Operation/ Data Entry/ Clerk or related field
  • Must be knowledgeable in Microsoft office applications.
  • Excellent math and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work extended hours
  • Min. SPM or equivalent preferred

Single/ not married yet