• Health & Beauty
  • Petaling Jaya
  • 16/10/2023
  • RM2,500 - RM2,800 /monthly
  • Full Time
  • Urgent

1) Conduct routine inspections, testing, and maintenance of medical equipment to ensure optimal performance and compliance with safety standards.

2) Diagnose equipment malfunctions, troubleshoot issues, and perform necessary repairs in a timely manner.

3) Calibrate and adjust equipment settings to maintain accuracy and reliability.

4) Keep detailed records of all equipment maintenance activities, including repairs, inspections, and preventive maintenance measures.

5) Collaborate with other healthcare professionals to coordinate equipment repairs and replacements, ensuring minimal disruption to patient care.

6) Maintain an inventory of spare parts and necessary supplies and place orders as required.

7) Follow strict safety protocols and maintain a clean and organized work environment.



1) Diploma or equivalent

2) Problem-solving skills with the ability to analyze complex equipment issues

3) Communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a team setting

4) Ability to prioritize tasks and work efficiently in a fast-paced environment.

**If you are a dedicated professional with a passion for maintaining medical equipment to ensure the highest quality patient care, we encourage you to apply for this position. Join our team and contribute to the smooth operation of our healthcare facility.