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Create job ads that are easy to understand by including job descriptions that your company needs. A successful hiring process depends on how the candidate fully understands the job task, requirements and benefits.


Job Title


  1. Be specific about job title.
  2. Be clear and accurate describe the job role
  3. Prevent using confusing job title


Bad and Good example of Job Title


Job Content/Description


There are only 3 important parts to be included in the job description. Added extra information may attract candidates to apply for job role.

  1. Responsibilities
  2. Requirements
  3. Benefits/Rewards


Job Description Example



Expiration Date


Choose dateline for the Job Role



Job Location


Job location is mandatory.



Salary Information


Job descriptions that include salary information are more likely to attract candidates to apply job. Besides that, you may choose wage agreement if the salary needs to be discuss upon interview. 




Other Info