Frequently Asked Questions - Employer

  • How to receive job applicant from candidate?

    Every new job application will send to you by system through email. Beside that, you also able to check at employer dashboard by go to All Applicants.

  • How long we can get result from posting jobs on Kroja?

    It’s depend on job position that you offer and location. Some job takes within 7 days, some of it takes 14 days. We will try our best to advertise job posting on our social media, Google + Microsoft advertising platform.

  • If I accidentally choose Candidate when register new account, how to change it to Employer?

    Please contact us to assist you

  • How to delete job posting?

    Go to Employer dashboard at Manage Jobs.

  • Is Kroja Job Plan auto renew every month?

    No, Job Plan is manually renew.