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About Company

Chadasha Bioresonance is a registered facility with MW University USA under the faculty of Energetic science biotechnologies. We specialise the therapy application technique called Bioresonance that is a non-invasive treatment for the body .The junior therapist position is an entry level position in a career path of a therapist that progresses through a 4 tier position that is certified and is accepted internationally . Beginners journey is RM1800-RM2500 , Therapist position is RM4k and supervisor position is RM8K-10K. Commissions are Paid as well on a merit based on a KPI System.

We are now hiring :


The Junior therapist job description

1.     Decent communication skills, the ability to listen and engage clients in a friendly manner 

2.     Fluent in English, Malay/ Chinese 

3.     Be able to work as part of a team, communicate as part of the team, take commands and execute them  

4.     Having an open mind and willingness to learn about new topics 

5.     To be responsible for a range of administrative duties such as appointment setting, report printing, etc. 

6.     To have a good command of certain IT skills such as Microsoft Office 

7.     Having some medical background is encouraged but not a necessity (fresh graduates are welcomed) 

8.     To be able to be physically active for the duration of the working hours. 

9.     To be comfortable with recording the client’s weekly history, BP, weight, etc. 

10.  To be able to reach management KPI requirements 



Key Benefits Points:


a.     Bio-resonance training will be provided by EU-certified professionals.


b.     The friendly working environment allows for personal development in various skills (communications etc.) 


c.      EPF and SOSCO provided 


d.     Allowances and bonuses apply (after the probation period.) 


e.     Bio-resonance treatment is provided for you and your immediate family, free of charge. 


f.      We provide career pathway development depending on each person’s performance. 


For those interested please contact 0102075978 to set an appointment .