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About Company

Center for Logistics Leadership in Business (CLLB) is an establishment formed ostensibly for the purpose of providing knowledge and skills development for the advancement of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Practices in Malaysia and the region. CLLB focuses on identifying industry needs with regards to human resource requirements. Our New and Radical approach to Generic Corporate Training has allowed us to work together with a number of global and regional market leaders in Third-Party Logistics Services as well as Manufacturers and Distributors

  • Corporate Affiliate of CILT, Malaysia

  • More than 15 years experience in Logistics, Supply Chain Management Maritime Training & Consultancy

  • Registered with Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia

  • Registered with Ministry of Finance, Malaysia

  • Approved training provider for the Malaysian Marine Department for the mandatory training & certification for dangerous goods by sea

  • Member of the International Chamber of Commerce-ICC, Malaysian Chapter

  • Corporate member of MyMET- Malaysian Maritime Education & Training Association

  • Corporate member of Malaysian National Shippers’ Council – MNSC

  • Corporate member of Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia- CICM

Since 2010 CLLB has trained approximately 3000 participants who have obtained their certification as ‘Competent Person’ in the IMDG Code from the Malaysian Marine Department (MARDEP)

The extensive coverage of the IMDG Code has been appreciated in the context of warehousing using as guidance the codes emphasis on the usage of UN approved packages, proper marking and labelling, clear and accurate documentation and segregation principles for storing incompatible DG. In order to ensure that the basic principles related to safety in handling and transporting DG, CLLB has designed a number of ‘Professional Training Certificates’ to address the knowledge and competency gaps in this area.