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About Company

Global Connex consists of 4 divisions; those are education admission services, migration services, Settlement services (jobs, accommodation and career development)


At Global Connex, we possess a rich understanding of what students and migrants desire when seeking opportunities abroad.


Our Consultancy agents are led by a high-quality group of professionals with in-depth expertise in overseas education, global migration counselling. We have years of first-hand experience and continuing links with students and universities in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. As a result, we can give students insightful, accurate and specialist advice on living and studying abroad.


Our credibility lies with our outstanding relations to the job industry and accommodation services. Therefore, we can accommodate students and migrants with the best possible assistance to settle overseas.


When a person is relocated from their home country, it is very hard to know the lifestyle of other countries and which field of education or occupation is highly in demand and where there are possible job opportunities.


As our consultancy is based in Australia, New Zealand and Canada and having our recruitment alliance company which recruits prospective candidates are well versed with the current demanding field of employment. This experience helps our team to guide the new migrants in advance and keep updated with present procedures, rules and changes in the education system or immigration.