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About Company

Health Lega (HQ) Sdn Bhd has been a health and wellness industry pioneer since 2013. The company continuously innovates itself and strives to offer the community better services and treatments. The brainchild behind this giant is none other than HealthLand, the luxurious yet affordable spa and massage brand that has always aimed to bring ‘health’ to the ‘land’ around them.

To always self-improve and keep up with the best in the industry are their mottos, and that has certainly been proven with their latest wellness investments such as:

1. B-Physica Physiolates Centre (

: A Physiotherapy and rehab Pilates studio aimed at providing the community with high-quality and professional rehabilitation services to break the pain cycle.

2. Cyto DR+ Clinic (

: A general practitioner clinic with the goal of bringing personalised treatments to every individual so that they can enjoy good health throughout their lives. 

3. MeCO

: A one-of-a-kind door-to-door clinical service that brings medical convenience right to your doorstep.

The growth does not stop here, as bringing their best to the game will always be a top priority at Health Lega (HQ) Sdn Bhd. And this is where one can learn from the best in the health and wellness industry.