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About Company

MDC Group Of Companies - Your Trusted Medical Equipment Supplier/Service Provider
Malaysian Diagnostics Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (MDC) was established in 1998, as a diagnostics company focusing into providing enhanced services to all healthcare facilities through innovative technology and partnership. We are regards as the leading provider of clinical laboratory testing products, services, diagnostic solutions and laboratory information system solutions.
In MDC, we believe in building a network that allows us to deliver the latest products & technologies to healthcare facilities around the country effectively & efficiently. Throughout the years, we are proud to have established contacts and partnerships with various principals, turnkey contractors, healthcare industry suppliers, healthcare authorities, public & private healthcare facility operators and independent consultants. Strong relations are formed between MDC and all clients by working together in creating a bigger, better, brighter & stronger healthcare industry in Malaysia. Thus, we are the preferred partner and total solution provider in the market.
The leadership and experience of the management team has guided the company through many years of hardship, with the relentless effort from all MDC employees, the company has been able to contribute to Malaysia healthcare over the years, and will continue to strive to greater heights. At MDC, many principles has guided us from the past to the present, and we look forward to bring it from the present to the future.
• SOLIDITY & PRIDE in everything we do.
We are committed to do and built everything is a solid manner and will take pride of the end results of our action, including infrastructures, market position, team work, partnership and networking.
• The PREFERRED PARTNER in everyway
We aim to be the preferred partner in every way, not limited to employer-employee, supplier-customers, principals-distributors but all internal and external working relationship.
• To be a QUALITY SOLUTION PROVIDER with customized solution
We will provide quality and individually customized solution to the entire customer in the market that we are serving.