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About Company

NQ Cultural Commercial Sdn Bhd (NQCC)


Corporate team culture: The radiance of NQ, colourful and bright, exceeding your imagination, delivering beyond your expectation

NQCC is Southeast Asia’s leading company in high-tech cultural and creative industry. NQCC was founded in 2018, equipped with its own high-tech 3D multimedia film and television shooting and production technology, coupled with advanced filming equipment that integrated with new media operation into one entity, and with the business philosophy of innovation, technology, vitality, fashion, economy, international, multi-channel diversified revenue, multi-brand cluster development "operation mode. NQ is also backed up from the policy guidance and resource advantages of the government, experts and consultant team , branched out to a total of 3 core business sector as listed below: -


1. High-tech 3D multimedia technology development and entertainment, tourism, culture and film production

2. International children's cultural activities IP operation and cultural industry project

3. International import and export trade, self-owned brand OEM production, trade and other business.