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About Company

Pets Wonderland’s commitment is to be the Caring, Comprehensive and Value-Oriented.
Caring: We understand that animals require cares and attentions from time to time. We provide the best advice to customers on the intricacies of pet keeping and the veterinary care needed. Hand-in-hand with our in-house veterinary officers in each outlet, our staffs is trained with expertise in ensuring our in-house pet stay healthy, but also providing the best products for pet lovers to keep their pet at home lives a healthy lifestyle.
Comprehensive: We are one of the most comprehensive one-stop pet center in the Klang Valley that provides wide range of pet solutions—from pet food, pet toys to other necessities to every pet at home. This is because we understand that pets do need our extra care from time to time. Besides, we constantly bring in high-quality products at competitive prices stay competitive in this industry.
Value-oriented: We understand that not only we care about our customers as long-term, loyalty pet owners, but also concern about animal welfare. We believe in taking extra steps to make sure our customers are content and do make the best decision on their purchases. We also improved our customer services, including our well-known concierge services to all pet lovers (including helping all customers handle merchandises, regardless it is within or outside our store.)