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About Company

Regeneration Resources is 100% locally owned Company with the registration number (003033416-H) incorporated in 2019 in Malaysia to supply recruitment solution to the business world. Firstly, our mission in Regeneration Resources is to help empower businesses by delivering these businesses with a suite of holistic solutions on all their HR needs. Secondly, In Regeneration Resources we understand that many business owners are facing the hassle of getting services from many different vendors. In conclusion, we hope that with our knowledge and vast services provided we can help our clients to overcome the everchanging economy. Our extensive experience allows our clients to place trust in us to provide viable choices based on their requirements, making the process a time efficient and easy procedure. At Regeneration resources, our consultants are constantly monitoring the present work force market, working as a collective to deliver results in an expedient manner.

Regeneration Resources provide the following comprehensive recruitment service

• Executive Search

• Assigned Advertising and Selection

• Administrative and Support Services

• Post selection coordination with selected candidates

• Recruitment Campaigns

Executive Search is best effective where the candidate population is characterized and identifiable. Working at senior management level, we establish client relations carefully, study their corporate cultures thoroughly and analyse candidate profiles rigorously to ensure cultural capability and a successful match. Our emphasis on investing time and effort in understanding the organization's needs and developing an agreed candidate-profile is highly regarded.