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About Company

Supply chain, logistics, just-in-time delivery and customize-routing are critical elements in one's effort to move product from manufacturer to customers

Since its inception in 1994, Securiforce Logistic (SFL) has been handling it all efficiently and dependably. SFL has been a leader in total logistics, dedicated to the semiconductors and microelectronics industries. Providing time-critical shipment services-fast, reliably and secure. The single industry focus has been given us the experiences and ability to provide clients with just the right logistics solution or services to match their unique requirements

To be competitive you need to know much more than just how your components will get from point 'A' to point 'B'. That's why SFL is so much more than just a Freight Forwarder

We are unique and a class above in leading edge logistic solutions. As logistic professionals, we help you design a logistics program what provides the fastest and most hassle-free delivery scheme to suit your needs from fabrications through assembling, to test and final distribution or delivery to your valued customer

High-level performance by all members of our organization contributes to our commitment to excellence. SFL has been meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations and has been delivering services of exceptional quality for over 10 years.

We strive for our customer satisfactions through partnership with our customers and their suppliers. SFL provides excellent leadership, resources, training and support for our employees and continuous improvement in all processes throughout our business.

In addition to SFL offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Turkey, UK and USA, we have a network of exclusive representative that extend our reach globally

SFL provides a worldwide network of professionals focused on quality systems through logistic management of more than 250 network offices or affiliated stations spanning all continents