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About Company

Sejagat Global is a Bumiputera owned company which focuses on retail purchasing using online and conventional methods (offline). Apart from offering the concept which encompasses wholesaler, distributor and retailer (3P) (Pemborong, Pengedar & Peruncit) this concept has helped to offer different range of price for the three different categories of purchasers for example wholesaler and distributors, while customers will get a great discount deal.


With over 100 products produced starting from OEM and now, Sejagat Global has produced its products which have been branded under the company’s name, it now has over 20 agents nationwide which acted as the distributors of the Sejagat Global products. The Sejagat Global products have also managed to penetrate a few ASEAN countries including Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore. Due to the overwhelming demand from these countries, Sejagat Global (B) Sdn Bhd was established and based in Brunei Darussalam and has been operating for more than a year.


Since the Sejagat Global has evolved, this brand has been registered as a franchisor which enables every registered franchisee using the Sejagat Global brand name to jointly market the products by Sejagat Global.