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About Company

STORIIU SDN. BHD. was founded on March 24, 2016. From strategic development and branding to marketing and distribution of high-end consumer food goods, we handle every facet of the process. The holding firm Storiiu Group is committed to providing customers with unique, premium goods. Our guiding principle is essentialism, or doing only what is necessary to guarantee that the goods and services we provide are genuinely remarkable.


Our company's core value, the power of storytelling, is another. We are aware that marketing and brand development are the cornerstones of any successful business, and we take great satisfaction in our ability to captivate audiences with engaging narratives that unite them. By putting a heavy emphasis on storytelling, we are able to connect with our clients and customers on a deeper level and develop powerful brands.


At Storii Group, we're dedicated to offering distinctive, market-leading goods and services that satisfy our clients' requirements and expectations. We feel that essentialism and storytelling, which are fundamental to all we do, are the keys to our long-term success. We are excited about the chance to collaborate with financiers and business leaders who share our beliefs and vision, and who are dedicated to creating ground-breaking and inspirational goods and services that will contribute to a brighter future.