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About Company

AOKLINIK is one of the leading full-service medical clinics in Penang that has been operating since 2013. We have three branches all over northern region of Malaysia and is still expanding. Our clinic is determined and dedicated to provide professional service to enhance the life quality of every patients.


We have a line of exceptional trusted medical experts with experience, ready to give their finest solutions and premier services. To ensure our best deliverance with high satisfaction, we provide personalised treatments and packages that can be tailored according to the patient’s needs and requests.


Here, we believe in building a strong foundation and relationship with our patients in working together to achieve the best results. We take responsibility in all our actions.

Every procedure here is thoroughly thought through and we never compromise in our quality. We aim to provide safe and quality treatments to our patients.


AOKLINIK offers a wide range of medical treatment services that are supported by modern medical equipments and technology that safely treats the problems of our patients.


We focus on the best evidence based treatment in the market with an important emphasis on safety and efficacy for our patients. We are equipped with modern, clinically proven, FDA approved machines and medical standard products. 

We are AboveTheOrdinary.